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How to Stay Warm Outside with Fire Pits

Fire pits have come a long way from a hole in the ground with rocks around it to a metal, brick or stone, off-the-ground fire pit with removable spark screens.  Fire pits today are now ever considered furniture that is accessible in so many shapes, contrives and styles. Although people still sit around them and to tell stories and roast marshmallows, the fire pit now is more controlled and safer than ever.

Living in the city implies that there are not numerous large open spaces where pits can be dug, and fire pits are the best and safest alternative.  My favorite style is the easily convertible fire pit that could be used for a fire, beverage cooler or table.  Seasonal Concepts also has styles including grill tech or coffee table fire pit.  They come in circles, square, rectangles and ovals, which allows you to find the best style for your patio. 

In addition, pits can be movable, while there are some people who would opt for an irreversible construction that are bricked or cemented in place. Whatsoever root that is chosen to establish or purchase a fire pit, one familiar matter persists, the small fire that burns in the yard sets a very relaxed mood. Fire pits can be regarded a constituent of an evening amusement together with chitchatting with friends and reminiscing good old days.

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How to Create Indoor Comfort Outdoors

Cabin fever is starting to set in as the cold weather seems to have stayed long enough throughout the country. People are looking forward to spending time outdoors and being cozy as if they are in their family room. Below are a few ideas how to bring the indoor feel outdoors!

Making your patio into another ‘room’ of your house is easy and can become a place with an inviting atmosphere, comfortable furniture and complementary décor. To create this outdoor living experience complete all you need is a comprehensive furniture set.  A versatile comprehensive set includes a couch, center table, side table, ottoman and lounge seating.  A couple options for the furniture are long standing aluminum and cast iron sets, wood and polymore sets and the wicker collections.  

Comprehensive sets provide a comfortable outdoor lounge area with deep seating that allow for great conversation. You definitely want more than a simple picnic table or reclined chair. That is why you add a fire pit, cooler, wine rack and coffee table to help enhance the mood of you outdoor seating area. All of these accents help create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining as well.  Smaller outdoor investments include mosaics, decorative potted plants and mirrors.  Again think of your patio or deck as a room you are decorating in your house, which needs the additional décor items to make it complete.

Dress up existing outdoor furniture by changing out the fabrics or pillows.  There are more than 40 sets with 500 fabrics to choose from. Use fabrics in gold, pale blue and green sage for an earthy, relaxing retreat in your own backyard with a soothing fountain in the background.  All of these styles would be a great addition to your outdoor living space. 

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How to Purchase the Right Number of Items for a Backyard

Furnishing your deck or backyard is no different than laying out a space for an interior room. Try to think of your deck, porch or backyard as an extension of your home’s interior. Ask yourself a few questions, especially if purchasing new furniture. How do you plan on using the space? How many people do you need to account for? Is this a dining/seating space? Is this a fire pit and chat area? Think about the traffic flow and how you will entertain when placing your furniture in relation to a grill or door. 

A piece of furniture that tends to be underestimated, especially outdoors, is the ottoman.  Adding an ottoman or two can be used as additional seating or just a place to put your feet up and relax. The ottomans can always be put aside if you need to re-adjust.  When shopping for new outdoor furniture make sure it is weather proof and sustainable. 

If you have the space and luxury of having multiple seating areas, combining a bar height dining table will add some interest to your space. Think vertical when decorating a smaller space by adding outdoor lighting, a trellis or potted trees. Bring the whole space together by unifying the layout with similar color tones or an outdoor rug.

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How To Blend Furniture, Old and  New

Creating a harmony between your old and new pieces of furniture can sometimes create havoc. When rearranging think of all of the furniture as new to help transform the whole room, not just parts of it. It also makes the designing a little more fun!

 There are a few tricks that can help to unify a room when trying to blend the old with the new. Color is the main thread that helps to connect the dots for the room. The simplest and most inexpensive way is by adding throw pillows or an area rug to tie the two components together.  Pillows and rugs work well because they can take the complementary colors from both ends to allow the harmony to take place.

Adding a dramatic paint color to all or one wall as a focal point can help showcase a specific piece of furniture or artwork. Take it a step further and look into some textured walls or metallic finishes. Using a monochromatic palette throughout the room can be a very effective technique as well.  Texture and lighting are other ways to pull a room together and help create a unified look. Showcasing a combination of textures adds interest and is stimulating for the eye.

Also try adding a new finish to an old piece of furniture by re-staining or even adding a coat of black paint can be dramatic. Consider the finish when making your purchase. A glossy coat can bring a contemporary look and a weathered or distressed finished can create an antiqued and cottage-like.

Again it is important to keep in mind, that you are not just replacing some of the old furniture but designing a whole new room with all new possibilities.

 For more ideas on how to blend the old with the new, visit


How To Organize Your Holiday Décor:

As you slowly take down your holiday décor, make next year even easier with the simple tips below: 

1-     Handle with Care- Taking down holiday decorations can be a chore, but an easy deed such as wrapping your candles in tissue paper and placing them nicely in a shoebox will make a difference. Tearing down décor and wrapping it up carefully can save you money and time when it comes to using the holiday pieces again. 

2-     Storage- Store your holiday decorations in clear plastic bins. This way you can see what is inside them when you are looking for that special centerpiece next year. Organize your holiday décor by what room they were placed in or what category they belong to. Dining room items can all be placed together, or your wreaths can be placed jointly so they will be easy to find. 

3-     Label- This simple task will make your 2010 holiday decorating a breeze when the time comes. Place labels on bins or boxes and describe what room the decor was positioned in. You can also include what year you used it. This way, in 2010, you can switch up your decorating a bit and place them in a different room.  If you’re not ready for a change, you will know exactly what room the decorations belong in. Make your labels large and visible from where the items are stored. If the bin is going to be placed on a high up shelf, label it on the bottom, so that when you pull it out, you can easily see the information. 

4-     Large Outdoor Décor- From your plastic Frosty statue to the reindeer collection can be tricky to store, but I recommend either using the boxes they came in, or if you threw them away, a trash bag is a great solution. You can store them in your attic if possible. Make sure electric cords are not poking out of the bag. 

5-     Clean & Redecorate – This is the perfect time to dust your mantle while it is cleared off and move items around to redecorate for the New Year. If you are really in the mood, switch your furniture around and make a new space. Stop by a Seasonal Concepts store in St. Louis, Mo., Kansas City, Mo. or Tulsa, Okla. for some ideas from the experts. You can also visit for fresh new ideas. 


How to Get the Kids Involved: 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and while your kids are probably more concerned with the treats that are under the tree, it wouldn’t be complete without the perfect decorations on it. You don’t have to traipse a tree with popcorn strings and homemade ornaments to make it fit with your child’s playroom, though. Try these ideas to make the trees in your child’s loft or bedroom sparkle. 


-Try a non-traditional color for your artificial Christmas tree. You can find them in most any color imaginable. Pink is a perfect compliment to a girls’ room. With just the right touches, a white tree can look ‘snow-kissed’ and give it that freshly snow-fallen glow. Red simply pops. We know they’re not real, but it is certainly a unique way to capture attention.  

-Allow your child to pick a theme or buy a yearly ornament to commemorate something that happened during their year. It will be a wonderful remembrance and a great way to look back on the memories as the years pass.  

-Speaking of themes, this is one of the simplest and best ways to decorate and make your tree the most put together. Color themes are always great, but for a child’s playroom, try something that compliments the room and their interests. Santa Claus is the epitome of a child’s Christmas and an easy decorational item to find for the holidays. The 12 days of Christmas is another idea. You might have to think outside of the box to complete the list, making for an interesting or entertaining tree. Other children’s themes like teddy bears, pets, hobbies or even the beach or winter snow are fun directions to go. The sky is the limit!  

The most important thing is to find what fits your home and style best. For ideas on different color schemes for your child’s loft or Christmas decorations, you can always turn to samples from Seasonal Home Concepts’ holiday decorations. Use this time to celebrate the season and put your child’s and your creative minds to work while enjoying your time together.  


How to Choose the Appropriate Size Tree Trim for your Tree:  

Florals, ribbon, bows and berries: trimming the tree is my favorite part because the possibilities are endless! Before you decorate, it is important to plan and visualize the final result.  

Creating layers with your ornaments will help to create depth to your tree. The way to do that is to hang your ornaments (all sizes) deep into the tree as well as on the outer branches.  

Regardless of the size of tree that you own or purchase this season, it is best to have a variety of décor in all shapes and sizes throughout the tree. Don’t be afraid of scale. If you have a 7.5 ft. tree and you choose to use florals, I suggest using two different shapes. Poinsettias, roses, amaryllis, hydrangeas, poppies are some good examples. A berry pick or a long cascading stem creates a new shape and further interest in your tree.  

Remember, florals are one of the main trends this year, and are a perfect way to change the personality of your tree from year to year while still keeping your family of ornaments constant.  

Have fun!  


How to Choose a Tree that is Just the Right Size for your Room:  

We’ve all seen it: the three-sizes-too-big Christmas tree jammed into a tiny living room. Or how about that grand ballroom whose Christmas tree is barely visible when standing across the room? Even the most beautifully decorated tree can look out of place if too small or too large.  

Be sure to avoid these sizing mistakes this year! When considering what size tree to purchase for your home, you may want to consider the following:  

1. First, the ceiling height in your home. The average homes ceiling is 8 ft., but newer construction uses 9 ft. ceilings.
2. The location in your home is important: Where do you plan on placing your tree?
3. Are there any architectural details in your ceiling that may affect the size of your tree or width?
4. Do you plan on elevating your tree on a box, riser, or urn?
5. How large is your tree topper?
6. Do you have any large focal points that will alter the actual height of the tree?
7. How much décor or trim items do I need to purchase to decorate this tree?  

These few questions will help you make the right choice for your family’s tree. And as always, it’s Christmas! So pass this link along to that friend who always squashes that skyscraper tree into her small apartment.   


How to Decorate the Perfect Christmas Tree:  

The first thing you will need to do is determine if the tree is seen all the way around or with partial views.
If your tree is an unlit tree and you choose to add lights, you can figure 100 lights per every foot, so if you have a 9′ tree, you can plan on 900 lights or more.  

Placing your tree on a piece of cardboard can protect your floor and also is a nice if you choose to move your tree after it is decorated, you can easily slide the tree without any damage.  

Make sure your tree is well shaped and the tips are extended outwards and slightly upwards.
Spread the branches from the pole out.  

Take an inventory of the items you have to place on your tree and see if there is a common theme such as color, woodsy, traditional, victorian-style or snowman theme. Creating a theme is a popular way to start, but not necessary. Things to take into consideration that make an impressive tree are use of color, varying shapes and sizes. Don’t be timid, using large objects in a tree is bold and makes an impressive statement.  

The materials you will need are some medium weight floral wire (18-22″ gauge). You can purchase this at any craft store. The wire is used to anchor any heavy items you may use or ribbon.  

If you will be adding any novelty lights to the tree, this is the time to do so. Run an extension cord through the center of the tree and plug the extra lights into that. Plugging any extra lights directly into the pre-lit trees, will cause you to blow out lights.  

Determine what will go on the top of the tree and start with topping your tree. If you are using ribbon or any garlands (beaded, floral, greens) begin by weaving them in and out of the tree. It is important to go deep into the tree and not just lay on the top brances. Placing the ribbon and garlands deep into the tree will help to create depth to your tree.  If you are using any large focal points place evenly throughout the tree or in a pattern, such as an ‘S’ line. A focal point can be anything. Any collectibles you may have such as snowmen, santas, music instruments, florals, novelty lights… really however creative you want to be.  

From that point you can start to fill in with your ornaments. Be sure to hang the ornaments deep into the tree for depth.  

Tip: Clustering the glass balls by color can also be impacting. Here you can use the floral wire or ornament hangers.

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