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Storing Your Patio Furniture for the Winter Months


The weather is starting to change! There are still many days and evening to still enjoy the outdoors and your patio furniture, whether it is dining outside or a cozy seating group by your  fire pit. Eventually, summer ends and it is time to think about storing away the patio furniture for the upcoming winter months.

Taking the extra time to clean and store your furniture warrants a longer life to your investment. I recommend cleaning off all the dirt, sand and summer suntan lotions by using a mild gentle soap and warm water – be sure to dry well.

Any throw pillows, throw blankets and cushions can be stored in your home, a dry place in the basement or in the garage in a plastic storage bin – keeps out the dust and bugs. You may want to wash the blankets or pillows if applicable, so they are put away clean and when Spring comes, no need to think about it – you are ready to go.

If you have room to store your furniture in the garage, your furniture has less chance of any breakage or cracking from the elements. If you need to keep the furniture out in the elements – no worries, invest in some good quality patio covers. Look for patio covers that have ties or some type of closures to secure to the furniture so nothing blows away and it is more difficult for little critters to get inside.,514.html

Storing your umbrella is just as important as storing your furniture. Be sure to clean the umbrella well. You can use a gentle soap and warm water and hose it down. On some umbrellas you are able to remove the canopy from the frame which allows a more thorough cleansing. If you choose to keep it all intact, use a gentle soap and warm water. Rinse the umbrella well, but make sure it is completely dry before putting away. Close the umbrella properly and fold the flaps on to one another neatly. This saves on wrinkle issues for next season.
If possible, store the umbrellas indoors. Some umbrellas have a hole at the top in the finial allowing you to hang the umbrella from the finial at the top. If you must store outside, invest in a smart, durable umbrella cover.,519.html

Patio Furniture Covers

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