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Creating a focal point to your space


Adding a focal point in your room is a necessity for a successful and warm and inviting space .
Having a focal point creates a natural place for your eye to rest as well as a jumping off point for your furniture placement.

Here are 10 quick and easy steps to creating a focal point in your space.

1) Use the natural architectural elements in your space such as columns or arches to place your furniture.
2) Paint a bold color on a wall. or use a shade lighter or darker than the other walls.
3) Add a graphic print to pillows or on a side chair.
4) Textured wall paper such as a Grasscloth. They are eco-friendly and come in beautiful natural shades. Grasscloth wall coverings are made from Asian grasses and fibers. Grasscloth wall coverings are easy to apply and to maintain.
5) Accessorize with a collection of vases in various shapes and sizes.
6) Furniture can be used as a focal point in any room such as armoires, cabinets or side chairs.
7) Re-finish or buy a piece of furniture with a different textured surface such as lacquer, distressed wood,
glass or acrylic.
8) Think about scale to add a focal point. Oversized pieces add drama.
9) Mirrors add depth and reflect light. Adding a mirror that is also oversized packs a double punch.
10) Area rugs are great for pattern and texture.

Have fun, don’t be shy. Enjoy your space.

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